• V3 Prototyped

    veverak07/08/2018 at 16:09 0 comments

    Finished v3. version of the prototype.

    (There was small paouse...). I finally got fully printed version with nuts/screws, and I have really good feeling from this approach. I can now fully dissassemble entire thing and it's quite easy to add "addons" on the thing, as I made more holes than I require at the moment. 

    On the pictures of the prototype you can see that cable management is also reasonable at this phase, so I call this first actually functional prototype?

    There are still few things to take care of:

    - I do not have raspberry with a working HDMI, I was able to fry the one I had, and this one has not working hdmi (I still wonder why)

    - The USB wifi on the picture is really unpractical, I have to create some USB adapter to "rotate it"

    - I am not satisfied with battery wires, now I have to "carefully put them trough the right hole so they reach the switch, where connectors are".

    - The switch itself needs better mounting.

    - I am not satisfied with the pad with joysticks (it's v1), I think I will make v2, that needs less space, add some leds and rot. encoder.

    - I believe I can make mount holes under the pad for additional stuff

    - Maybe add joysticks/buttons/leds on the other side of the device?

  • v2. proto | v3. design

    veverak05/10/2018 at 23:39 0 comments

    So, finally made prototype of v2. of the frame ... .and it was too sturdy. I was able to take the rpi+display out only because the glue was not fully active yet...

    However, the overral feeling is much better, the frame is more sturdy!

    So I also post picture of v3., it has nut/screw hole at each crossing of the parts. And all corners of all parts are sloped. Thing is that first layer of my 3D printer is wider than the rest and I am too lazy to fix it .... also "rounded" parts should be easier to hold.

  • v2. design

    veverak05/08/2018 at 22:50 0 comments

    Here is my idea for next version, some parts removed, most of them are "stronger" now. Got removable holder for the joystick pad.

  • v1

    veverak05/08/2018 at 22:00 0 comments

    OK, so first version of the project was manufactured and tested. So far so good, the parts I designed are too wibbly wobbly. I think that v2 will follow soon.