The Medieval Tesla Transporter

Nikolai Tesla Thought that it would one day be possible to transmit energy over the ether. This project tried to demonstrate that fact.

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The project is called "The Tesla Transporter". It is now part of my magic effects collection. There are two chambers, named, Apha and Omega. When the start switch is thrown, the Alpha chamber's door opens to reveal a ballerina. The door is then closed and the Omega door is opened to reveal nothing inside. Next, some Tesla energy is generated and a row of LEDs leading from Alpha to Omega start flashing indicating the direction of the force from one chamber to the other. The Alpha door opens to reveal the ballerina has disappeared. The Omega door then opens to reveal that she has been transported there now. Both doors are closed and the whole operation is repeated in reverse. Finally the ballerina again appears in Alpha and the opened Omega door shows that it is empty.
The whole apparatus was built using an Arduino board, two servo motors and a miniature MP3 player. The software was written by me.

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