OCR parts list and controller pinout

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KeithKeith 07/07/2018 at 15:370 Comments


Managed to OCR the parts list, and found there are complete lists for two slightly different versions. 

I listed them side by side in a spreadsheet and put in columns of cells to compare the two.

This helped spot quite a few errors. For example, Google thought capital J was 3 many times.

C126 has two entries, either an error or it is two capacitors piggy backed. I need to have a look inside my set.

Most parts are the same, with minor variations depending on national radio standards and whether the unit has RDS or not. 

The controller has many pins that are not used. This is good news if wishing to take over control with an alternative computer e.g. Raspberry Pi. The pushbutton switches are not a digital x-y matrix, they later a resistor chain to produce voltages that are read by ADC input of the MPU. If you want to read them, you will need to measure voltages.