Angle calibration is done

A project log for Cheap underwater tilt current sensor.

Cheap (<$100) underwater current sensor that can be deployed at 70ft depth. Your thoughts, comments and advice are very welcome here!

max-kviatkouskiMax Kviatkouski 05/25/2018 at 05:200 Comments

Today I've performed very simple experiment to see if my code and assumptions about accelerometer are correct so far. I have written a script to show "live" value of tilt angle of PyBoard (angle between Z-axis and vertical):

Today I've borrowed my fiancee's protractor and assuming that:

a) my desk is leveled enough

b) my hands are steady enough

I just aligned the board with marks on protractor every 10 degrees. Everything seems to be correct.

Of course angle is just a beginning. I'm yet to calibrate the meter to translate degrees to flow speed and so far I don't have a good idea how to do it reliably and with reasonable effort.