First deployment!

A project log for Cheap underwater tilt current sensor.

Cheap (<$100) underwater current sensor that can be deployed at 70ft depth. Your thoughts, comments and advice are very welcome here!

max-kviatkouskiMax Kviatkouski 07/22/2018 at 07:470 Comments

Two days ago I've charged my battery, picked up a clip, finished harnessing the meter and finally deployed it. Fortunately, the dive site is very convenient in sense that there are a lot of structures. I tied up the buoy to a pile of PVC pipes much loved by rockfish, greenlings and sculpins. It is still underwater and I plan to take it out tomorrow or sometime next week.

Also bought a domain and deployed a very simple website. That website is written on the meter. So hopefully it's easy enough to memorize and if some divers come across that meter they will be able to remember site name: