Bonus Model: Decoratively Carved Flexy Hand

A project log for 3D Scan to Custom Soft Prosthetic Hand

Model and 3D print a mold to create a silicone rubber "skin" lattice for an easy to make custom prosthetic hand that matches your 3D scan

curt-whiteCurt White 05/08/2018 at 23:020 Comments

The articulation geometries of the 3D printed parts in my silicone skin prosthetic hand are based directly on the "Flexy Hand 2" model by Steve Wood (

I liked the Flexy Hand model so much I decided to give it an artistic twist and do some carving in Blender. I uploaded a carved version as a ready to print STL model file: "modified_artistic_flexy_hand_prosthetic_print.stl". It is too big to store on Hackaday so you can find it in the "MODELS" directory of the project GitHub repository (