Early Prototype with Partial Silicone Rubber Skin

A project log for 3D Scan to Custom Soft Prosthetic Hand

Model and 3D print a mold to create a silicone rubber "skin" lattice for an easy to make custom prosthetic hand that matches your 3D scan

curt-whiteCurt White 05/24/2018 at 02:220 Comments

This early prototype made less extensive use of the silicone rubber skin - the rubber only partially covered the fingers and thumb. Hard plastic parts not covered by silicone rubber have surfaces derived from the 3D scan hand model, although the effect is largely lost because the areas are so small. This prototype had a lot of issues: the rubber pulled away from the hard plastic and the overall appearance didn't really recall the original 3D scan hand model. I also generally wanted as much surface area as possible to be silicone rubber.