My next project, which I would like to present is AC regulated power supply. This device is very hopeful in electronic developing/repairing. Is better to work with smaller voltages instead of "full power". So I have created controlled device into laboratory.

First I have created a 3D model with components in 1:1 ratio. It is better to know, that everything is matching before assembling.

Case is created from 2.5mm thickness steel plate. I wanted to be sure, it will not bended by weight of transformer. (After some thinking, I should use some thinner rather :)). After laser cutting I have painted it with white color for cars. Last layers are transparency. Unfortunately, I have had to fixed some color issues during assembling.

As a meters, I have chosen the analogs ones. I know, that there is a lot of digitalis, but I did not want to add some additional electronics. Inside the case is ac transformer ESS104. It has a 3 outputs with 4A current. ~250V, ~125V and the regulated 0-250V. Each output has separate connector. The regulated is also connected to EU ~230V plug. ( I do not want to talk about the quality of the plug... .)

There are the final results of device.