• Use Basic-badge as keyboard for FPGA badge

    Miodrag Milanovic05/28/2018 at 15:25 0 comments

    In case you have been at FPGA workshop at Hackaday, then you have two badges now and can use Basic-badge as keyboard input for FPGA one.

    Make sure you download latest files for Galaksija project since those update baud rate to 19200, that is default speed for main badge.

    Source code is at:


    and there are prebuilt binaries for ready to be uploaded to board.

    Also, since reading keyboard is new Basic feature you would need to update firmware (using PicKit3 or similar) on main badge to, at latest version (v 1.04).

    Connecting is quite simple 

    GND on PMOD (2nd pin counting from bottom on top row of PMOD) to GND pin in basic badge

    RX on PMOD (4th pin counting from bottom on top row of PMOD) to C14 pin on basic

    Basic code is quite simple

    10 cls
    20 print "Galaksija keyboard"
    30 k=kin 1
    40 uout k
    50 goto 10

    And after running you will be able to type in code at your own Galaksija computer.

    Here are some commands available in Galaksija BASIC: