Monday, April 9th

A project log for Distance-sensing glasses

Glasses that warn the user when walking towards an obstacle via sound.

Alice BarrauAlice Barrau 06/13/2018 at 19:240 Comments

  During the session, we mostly informed ourselves as much as we could on the OxSight project and projects alike to find how exactly it did work, and how we could actually build it without many expensive materials and advanced knowledge in engineering.

  We settled on the following idea: a pair of glasses which uses sensor to detect nearby obstacles (in the direction where the user is looking) and then emits a sound to inform the user of said obstacles. We highly simplified the idea of the OxSight project because we know we wouldn’t be able to use LED screens and such.

  We made a list with all the different pieces and materials we thought we would need. We tried to find cheap components, on websites such as Amazon. There wasn’t much we could do without the components, so we spend the time which was left on researching diverse arduino programs that might come in handy for this project.