Monday, May 7th

A project log for Distance-sensing glasses

Glasses that warn the user when walking towards an obstacle via sound.

Alice BarrauAlice Barrau 6 days ago0 Comments

  We started writing the part of the program related to the distance sensor and we connected the sensor to the arduino. After looking for a way to connect the gyroscope to the arduino, we decided we wouldn’t be using it anymore (it is not possible to connect both the distance sensor and the gyroscope to an Arduino Pro Micro, as it is too small).

We also thought about small changes we could make to improve the glasses. The only one we found to be realistic was changing the tone of the sound emitted depending on the distance separating the user from the obstacle.

But overall, we spend most of the session looking for programs, again, because the ones we found before weren’t adapted to our project.