Monday, May 28th

A project log for Distance-sensing glasses

Glasses that warn the user when walking towards an obstacle via sound.

Alice BarrauAlice Barrau 06/13/2018 at 19:350 Comments

   We’ve continued to create programs for the distance sensor on Arduino. We’ve met some problems : the first problem was that there were issues with our programs. The next one was that we think there is a problem with the USB cable we got when we ordered our powerpack. We tried to change our connections, but it still wasn’t working. We are sure that our program for the distance sensor is working.

We have found a program for a buzzer on Arduino. We need to find how to adapt it for using two buzzers. If we find it, we’ll have to change the program because we would like both tone buzzers to change in function of the distance of an obstacle.

At home we also had to solder everything, wires with wires and wires with our Arduino.