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People don't know what it's like to have a handicap, that's why our project was made, to try to understand.

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The best sensation for anyone undergoing a mental illness such as schizophrenia is to feel understood, our engineering team is working with the virtual reality and 3D audio technologies to bring people to feel empathy for those having these type of disorder ! We are challenging you to come and get involved in an overwhelming, compassionate and empathetic experience.

When trying to figure out how to create an immersive schizophrenia experience , we went through every possible idea (see images below)

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "360 video" and oddly enough they were very minimalistic , we then decided to see big and reach out for concepts that seems out of range for our  current engineering level , Virtual reality and 3D audio , big words aren't they ? The combination of these two technologies would enhance everything in our experience from the immersion to the True to life aspect  and will no doubt create a spark of compassion that will hopefully ignite into empathy and understanding of the others 

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "audio vs 3d audio"                                                              (3d audio technology)Résultat de recherche d'images pour "vr technology"

                                                     ( happy kid wearing a Vr headset by unicef)

"You have to create ambition in your work" | C.R.I. TEAM |  These words from the cri team really pushed us to our limits , and we suddenly knew we had to create our experience by our hand , we decided to create a VR scene , after multiple failures in the rendering of or scene on unity vr , we decided to not let go and decided to move on , we gave Sketchup a little try and it's PERFECT : Image associée


HOW TO GIVE OUR SCENE A VIRTUAL REALITY DIMENSION ? was our question , we did some research and boom we heared about , a website where you can host your project and observe it on your mobile device , Again PERFECT , we were able to view our project in our device with a vr built in mod 

HOW TO CREATE 3D SOUNDS : we downloaded this app called Sleep orbit (PLAYSTORE) , and used it to create our own sound that will be playing while you view the vr scene

BRIEFLY HOW IS THIS EXPERIENCE WORKING : a schizophrenic individual is known to have hallucination , whether it's visual or auditive , we chosed the audio  : You will have TWO HEADSET , one to show you the environement  you are in , the other to stimulate your hearing , and make you hear voices and sounds and when you try to identify where the sounds come from you won't find any source , and will create in you a confusing , stressful feeling , SO GET READY FOR THE EXPERIENCE  ! 

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  • 4 × VR headset
  • 1 × Smartphone if all 4 3d headset are being used, you will obviously need 4 smartphone as a display
  • 1 × Audio headset you will need 4 audio headset , for four experience

  • Our Schizophrenia project

    Romain OGÉE06/07/2018 at 15:13 0 comments

    April, 9th

    Today we chose which SDGs we wanted our project to be based on and it will be about "Good health and well being", "Reduce inequalities" and "Peace, justice and strong institutions". Then we thought of all the different types of doable experiences we could try to make. The ones that stood out from the others were the heart attack experience, the schizophrenia experience and the ophthalmic migraine experience. We decided to go with the schizophrenia one, it was the most doable.

    April, 30th

    Today we made a list of all the things we needed to buy. We ordered 4 VR headsets to make sure that we have at least one to work on, if one of them get broken. Those VR headsets work with a phone that you put between the lenses and the back of the headset, it's cheaper and less cumbersome than the headsets that need to be linked with a computer (wires everywhere). Then we chose to work on the unity software to make our VR "world" where all the scenes will take place. This software is a very famous one, made to create VR scenes and games. Making a scene on it and transferring it to our phones should be easy and that we'll be a great progress in the project.

    May, 7th

    Today we still didn't received the VR headsets so we concentrated our work on the unity software. Fortunately one of us has already worked on this software (in a recreational manner) so we weren't that lost. We finally came out with something, it wasn't amazing but, still, it was something.

    May, 14th

    Today received 3 out of the 4 VR headsets we ordered, we'll now be able to test our experience with them.

    We also started to work on a new 3D app, Tuscany VR, which is a house in VR. We can move in the house, visit the different rooms and then go out and walk in the propriety (garden with trees and a sea outside the fence). We really think that this app could be useful to our project, we can add voices with another pluging, and the feeling will be to stay in a safe area but with voices in our head. It could be very strange. 

    We also continued to work on unity to create our own scene.  

    May, 28th 

    Today we tried a new app about holophonic sounds : "Sleep Orbit". With this editor, we can create our own sound by adding different noises on different canals, some are very loud, others are just a background. We chose those noises : 

    - Whispers : "everything is allright..." and "sleep..."

    - A lullaby made by a musical box

    - Loud and fast heartbeats 

    - A fire camp sound

    - Background crackles

    All of them combined make a very strange impression because the sound is turning around your head and if you keep listening to it during a long period of time your going to feel tired or it could make you feel crazy. So if we add it to our VR game in the house, it's very strange and you feel watched. We think that we really reach the schizophrenia symptoms with this experience. 

    We also started to work on Sketchup, a software for VR to create our own VR scene for the experience without using Unity because this software is to difficult to transfert on phones. Sketchup is really easy to use and we find a way to put them on phones : we use a VR web site editor. We transfert our VR scene from Sketchup to, then we go on the web site modelo from our phone and we download it on the phone.

    June, 7th 

    On this last session, we organized our project to be ready for presentation : What are we going to show ? How do we present our project ? Do we have to do a powerpoint presentation ? 

    So we...

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