A project log for Robot Dance Party

Robots get their groove on with the help of an Infrared Beat Blaster.

jay-francisJay Francis 05/15/2018 at 01:510 Comments

It's hard to have a robot dance party without robots.  The bots we used were the 2020 Bot (, an open source robot design one of our members developed.  All the sources for parts, instructions, and links to libraries and demo code are posted on the website.  We've had a bunch of 2020 Bots built at MakeIt Labs classes, and even a couple dozen built at Bay Area Maker Faire in 2017.

The robot isn't that complicated.  Check out the diagram below.  The key component for the dance party is the IR receiver (available on Amazon here, but also many other sources).  This is your standard IR receiver that expects a 38KHz modulated signal - search the web for VS1838.  We used the 2020 Bot's IR library to send codes compatible with the 2020 Bot.