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A project log for Dawn - the SUBLEQ operating system by Geri

Dawn - the SUBLEQ operating system by Geri

GeriGeri 08/30/2018 at 02:100 Comments

2018, aug 31. - Critical bugfix
-Fixed a scheduler malfunction that sometimes illegally scheduled processes to the 0th
core on SMP systems, causing stall. Every user must update to this release.

2018, aug 30. - Smaller load time, and bugfix
-Operating system initialization time is optimized by 10-20%.
-Fixed a bug in chess with enpassant.
-Fixed a performance glitch in chess.
-Fixed a bug with GUI when opening new app.

2018, july 30. - Optimizations and bugfix
-Fixed a selection length bug in the text editor.
-Renderer was updated, 5% speed up overall
-Fixed a bug in the compiler with unsigned int * declarations and casting.

2018, july 10. - Chess bugfix
-A bug was fixed in the chess.

2018, june 30. - Minor update
-5-10% speed-up in the user interface in some cases.