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A project log for Dawn - the SUBLEQ operating system by Geri

Dawn - the SUBLEQ operating system by Geri

GeriGeri 01/21/2019 at 23:530 Comments

2019, jan 07. - Search software

-A new built-in search software called Find is added into the operating system.
-The process explorer now rolls around if moving upwards with the UP key.

2018, dec 08. - Minor bugfix
-Drawing the rotated text in the resolution settings is too slow, so most of
the text is removed from there to keep the panel a bit more responsive.

2018, oct 26. - Fixing some strange bugs
-Marking text in Open/Save dialog was bugous.
-Compiler sometimes silently generated garbage code for too complex formula.
-Fixed a bug with copying and pasting texts in the system (reported by Mintsuki).
-Fixed a typo in the hardware documentation (reported by Mintsuki).
-A bug allowed a hidden window to receive mouse button events through window borders in some cases (reported by Mintsuki).
-Fixed a bug in malloc implementation (reported by Mintsuki).

2018, sep 28. - Editor hotfix
-Backspace button caused memory corruption the editor in some cases.

2018, sep 16. - Compiler update
-New function calling convention is added, which results in smaller code size and a tiny speed-up.