C / C99 to SUBLEQ Cross compiler

A project log for Dawn - the SUBLEQ operating system by Geri

Dawn - the SUBLEQ operating system by Geri

GeriGeri 03/30/2020 at 21:480 Comments

2020, mar 31. - SUBLEQ Cross-compiler
-New compiler backend and cross-compiler is available.
-Windows and Linux version of Dawn compiler is available.
-Rendering now wakes up less CPU cores, when doing only minor redraws.
-Some small bugfix in the compiler.

2019, oct 31. - Refactoring the compiler
-Major upgrades took place in the compiler, to allow faster compilation times.
-The compiler now eats 25% less RAM.
-The generated code by the compiler is now 2-3% faster.
-5% faster compilation.
-5% smaller output file.