Getting Ready for Prime Time

A project log for z80ctrl

AVR-based bootloader and IO card for RC2014 retrocomputer

J.B. LangstonJ.B. Langston 05/20/2018 at 00:320 Comments

I think that z80ctrl is almost ready for prime time.  I now have had two additional people build working boards. I have identified several issues with the original revision of the board and figured out workarounds for them. I have also made a second revision of the board that should fix these problems. I have at least one user who has ordered a REV2 board and I am awaiting a report from him.  

To help get the project ready, I have focused a lot on documentation lately.  Have a look at the GitHub Wiki to get started.  New users want to start with the Board Assembly Instructions and Monitor User Guide. Also, check out the list of Compatible Z80 Software to find things to run on your z80ctrl-powered RC2014.  If you're building a REV1 board, be sure to check out the list of Known Issues as well.

For those interested in a deeper dive on how the z80ctrl works, check out the Hardware and Software Design Notes.  If you're feeling adventurous and don't want to invest in an RC2014, you can also check out the Breadboard Instructions for the first prototype that I built.

Finally, for a preview of what I have in mind for the future of z80ctrl, check out the Planned Features page.

Here's hoping you find the new documentation useful! Let me know if you have any feedback.