Repairing HoverChair

At the CRI, we are trying to rebuild a rolling chair with a hoverboard, from a previous project.

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For our project, we choose to « rebuild » the Hover-Chair created by Franck Porteous, Louise Jacquot, Clément Caporal and Nicolas Larrouy. 

The price of a wheel electrical hover chair is expensive, so we try to help people moving thanks to a cheap wheelchair, using Hover-Board and Arduino technology, which will cost a thousand less than a standard wheelchair.

To make the Hover-board work with a joystick we need to connect the hover-board with an Arduino card. So coding the Arduino card will allow a motor to move in the response of the joystick. 

We also need to repair the chair of the Hover-chair because it is broken.

We have an overboard that didn’t work because the precedent group open it and modified it. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to make the hover work but all the part of the Hoverchair were working separately. 

So this is the inside of our overboard. We open it and unplug the wires and try to understand what is going on.

We buy a new Arduino card, a new battery and a new joystick. We also want to repair the chair who does not look great.


JPEG Image - 2.59 MB - 05/24/2018 at 09:38


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  • Thursday 17th April

    Joseph2 days ago 0 comments

    Last week, we unplugged the wires who were connected to the Arduino card and to the hover chair. 

    This Arduino card was coding to allow the motor of  th HoverChair to move in response of the joystick but unfortunately it doesn’t work, because of the complications , and the motor.

    So we solved directly the ESC on the motor of the HoverBoard. Since it this a 3 phased motor, we didn't need to think about wich of the 3 wires of the esc goes on wich wire of the motor.

    The ESC has 3 differrent types of wire : 3 for the signal , but we will use only to of them, 3 for the motor that we solved last week, and 2 for power.

    Nicolas started repairing the chair by sawing some parts of this chair made out of tube, mesuring the height of the hoverboard to fix the wheels

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