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SHAOSSHAOS 05/11/2019 at 03:260 Comments

Yesterday I released new version of http://Circuits.CC web-editor for schematics and PCB in ASCII (kind of) - this version 0.3 (released 6.5 years after v0.2) has Rgrid.js as AJAX engine with virtual machine that is capable of running multiple "robots" written in Robby programming language (formerly known as RW1 or "Robot Warfare 1"). As in the last version it has robot-librarian that handles library of components on the left side of the screen. Now I rewrote back-end from Hope programming language with SQLite3 database to PHP programming language with MySQL database - now it's working a little faster and it should have some room to scale. And I even added comments with help of IntenseDebate service :)

As I already mentioned in previous log, Circuits.CC had a little peak of popularity (kind of) at the end of 2012 when Dangerous Prototypes and Adafruit blogs wrote a short articles about it:

In August 2017 I switched Circuits.CC back-end off after moving to another server, but I saved a database with full history of all (almost 100,000) user clicks since November 23rd, 2012 (with IP-addresses and Timestampes after December 5th, 2012) so recently I decided to make an animated movie clip from it to visualize that history and yesterday uploaded it to YouTube - see what 1000 people did with it in 100,000 mouse clicks ;)

As you can see at the end of this video I used this editor to draw schematics of XORYA in 2015 (and in the last year I used the same Rgrid-engine for TERNARO web-site).

So now Circuits.CC is alive again! Welcome to try it - in near future I will even add ability to write your own "robots" - Rgrid.js performs simultaneous interpretation of multiple robots in the same time (actually it's more like compilation to JS than interpretation). Enjoy! :)

You can find all source codes on GitLab: