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A project log for Smart Motor Driver for Robotics

This motor driver is able to control a motor using PID by I2C. Taking precise control of a motor have never been so easy.

Danny FRDanny FR 04/03/2019 at 17:130 Comments

It was  a long time wihout writing updates in this project. So today I want to tell you how this thing is going. First of all it was a succes, the boards are selling very well on tindie and a lot of people seems to like it. 

Also in a few weeks a team of kids will be using them in a robot contest, and they have a great chance to win thanks to SAMI and how easy is to use them in a robot to program paths. Here is a small video that te kids send to me:

Thank you very much for all! 

I hope to have time soon and make some improvements thanks to the community feedback :)