This are the pcb designs in EAGLE, schematic, gerber files for pcb fabrication and also all the firmware developed in MPLAB XC8. Also a 3D model is included and a file with its register map for controlling via I2C. Same files as in GitHub link.

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This is an Arduino Library designed to interface with SAMI easily. Examples included, same as in GitHub link.

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I2C Memory Map.xlsx

In this excel file I show you all required register to interact with SAMI directly. Also control modes are explained on sheet 2 of this document. In the details section you can find this info as an image for easy viewing.

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Bill of Material from Digikey, this corresponds for the second revision that uses 12F1840 instead of 12F1822. For more details go to the materials section.

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Schematic of the SAMI board in pdf format. For PCB files get it on EAGLE from the Github repository. Gerbers also included.

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