Video update and next steps

A project log for Rover V2 four wheel drive robot

Rover is a big four wheel drive 3D printed robot you can make at home. It's CC0 open source, so anyone can use it.

tlalexandertlalexander 06/04/2018 at 02:120 Comments

Hey Hackaday Hackers!

I've collected the robots I've been building over the last 7 months and made a short video. It's a good short overview of what I'm doing, and shows Rover V1 and Rover V2 together next to me for scale.

So what's next for Rover V2? Over the next month or so, I will bring up the electronics and software on Rover V2 that I had originally on Rover V1. Rover V2 uses all the same motors, electronics, and software as V1 so it should be painless to get it operating under remote control. Take a look at V1 driving here:

After I've brought up remote control on V2, I have a few tasks to work on next:

Long term my goals are to build an open source farming system, and I see Rover V2 as a software research platform to develop some of the key algorithms a farming bot would need to navigate safely around a farm.

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