Construction of the Kit

A project log for Multi-purpose remote control interface set

We use 3 arduino MC board to construct universal unit that include 6 axes IMU, RF remote, navigation and automotive lights.

sergei-v-bogdanovSergei V. Bogdanov 05/19/2018 at 23:040 Comments

We decide to use 3 arduino nano MCU's for the project becouse some library functions (especially working with WS2812 LEDs) interference with MCU timers and interruptions. The  MCU 0 receive Pulse Width Modulations pulses from RF Remote receiver, the MCU 1 get the data from 6 (9) axes IMU (MPU6050 or MPU9250), and transmit to the control MCU 0,  and the MCU 2 receive data from control MCU and control WS2812 LEDs line. The schematics is here