A project log for noMad - Open Source Self-Assembly System

Self-assembling modular robotics utilizing machinic behaviour & real-time decision making to enable architecture with a sensory system.

bartbratkeBart//Bratke 05/21/2018 at 15:020 Comments

In order to actuate the unit and enable it to act autonomous, different approaches from introduction of flexible unit to unit interfaces to internal mechanics and controls were explored.

The main unit has several design features embedded that enable it to act autonomously and perform in a plug’n’play manner, The external shell follows two main function of Unit-to-Unit Interface: Construction & Communication between units, Construction is concerned with Connecting & Disconnecting and Interlocking between a Unit’s faces, Communication with Body-Plan Awareness and sequencing.

A single unit can be fabricated with simple diy components all parts except the electronics can be printed within 12 and assembled within 2 hours with any desktop 3d printer.