S2P : Tiny Parallel Port General MIDI Synthesizer

General MIDI Synthesizer for parallel port

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Small size general MIDI Synthesizer for parallel port.DOS game compatibility through SoftMPU TSR and patching.I produced a small batch of these boards, they are available here :

This PCB provides great quality general midi sound for computers that have a parallel port.

In particular, for 386+ DOS computers, a TSR was written to implement compatibility with existing real mode games on 386+. (for example Vikings).

We are also working on a patching utility: s2ppatcher.

PCB Connections :


You can download the special softmpu DOS TSR version compiled executable and sources from 

Run SoftMPU specifying the parallel interface to be used and the base port

address of the MPU-401 interface, e.g.
To enable MT-32 compatibility, add the /MT32 switch to the command line, e.g.

A Sound Blaster base port address and IRQ can optionally be specified if
MPU-401 interrupts are required.

We are also working on a patching utility, and had success patching doom for S2P compatibility, so far.

Demonstration of SoftMPU in action with the DOS game vikings :

The board uses the SAM2695 synthesizer chip from Dream.

Parallel port pinout of S2P : 

Using the patcher s2ppatch :  example patching doom :

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serdef wrote 07/03/2018 at 17:16 point

S2P DOS Game patcher under development :

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