052918 - making atsamd51 breakout board design

A project log for Real Tricorder: With Scanny Bits (TNG)

goal: build a photo realistic and functional tricorder from tng. this means creating custom PCBs w/ chips, firmware/software, and a chassis.

TG-TechieTG-Techie 05/30/2018 at 02:280 Comments

having finally made display library for rgb displays, (i modified this: that supports text, rounded rectangles,  and other small accoutrements to make coding easier, i imported the first sensor library, and ran out of ram. this is a side effect of running circuitpython on the atsamd21g. circuitpython uses alot of ram and the d21 has a max of 32kb.  i've decided to switch to the d51, which is being pioneered by adafruit. it has up to 8 times the ram. 256kb. and since any files being run in cir-py are buffered in ram this will alleviate the the bottle neck(for now).

currently the metro m4 is out of stock in adafruit. so i whipped up a m4 breakout board during memorial day weekend and ordered the parts. link below. it is as of now untested.

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