HUGE Progress! & Even Longer Time No See

A project log for Real Tricorder: With Scanny Bits (TNG)

goal: build a photo realistic and functional tricorder from tng. this means creating custom PCBs w/ chips, firmware/software, and a chassis.

TG-TechieTG-Techie 12/17/2018 at 01:510 Comments


Long time no chat, how've ya been? 

    Okay I'm gonna dive right in. So as you might know i'm in high school. This year was the first year my school implemented an internship program and I , as I m sure you fellow makers can relate to, immediately miss used it for a my own purposes. So I "interned" and turned my out of school project into an in and out of school project! However, it worked out very well because of my mentor. An ex software engineer turned teacher,  who is my favorite teacher, agreed to be my mentor for the internship. Basically she agreed to help me when I ran into code - research problems, ran into Heisenbugs, or got tangled in ideas. Indeed by drawing from her software dev knowledge and her clairvoyant ;-) insights she was crucial to making the progress I have.  Thank you again, Ms.K,  if you read this.

so, about that progress: here is a small list of what has been accomplished.

Okay, now for some not progress:

I find that I do best in conversation, please feel free to chat and ask questions. Or if you wanna use the gui message me on discord: @TG-Techie#5402.

If you have any tips on soldering tiny and thin chips I'd love some help!

Thank you,