Timing and control board

A project log for ColorChord - A Steampunk inspired creation

A simple analog and digital device that enables the sight impaired to scan and hear the color of a selected object and plays music, sort of.

Dr. CockroachDr. Cockroach 06/26/2018 at 01:110 Comments

The board now has a working sequencer. The entire board had zero wiring errors and worked first time.

The clock and master/slave flip-flop is wired and working and hard to believe no wiring errors so far.

The timing and control board will have three sections. The master oscillator then the Master Slave Flip-Flop and then the Sequencer. All three will be on  4.5 X 6 inch cardboard.

The Clock is a two transistor multi vibrator feeding into the Sequencer at about 20 Hz. The DTL circuit is adapted from the Tiny Tim CPU project by Rory Mangles. Sequencer outputs A, C and E were used for ColorChord.