A smart chair that sends notifications to users about their posture

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We created ErgoFix, a seamless device that assists users with being aware of their posture. The device records and analyzes weight distribution data to determine problems with a user’s posture. Once a state of poor posture is determined, a user is notified on their device with a message displaying the action they should take to correct their posture. When a user sits, their weight distribution is also uploaded to an AWS server where it can be observed in a real-time graph. By tracking analytics, it is now possible to better analyze how poor posture correlates to things like habit formation and overall health. Overall, with an unobtrusive notification, ErgoFix can help users adjust posture in a simple yet effective manner.
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Used to send signals to user's laptop
  • 1 × Arduino Used to interpret signals from amplifier
  • 2 × HX711 Amplifier Used to amplify signals from load cells
  • 4 × Load Cells Used to measure pressure exerted by the weight distribution

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