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Wearable led ring watch with way too many functions

edscalatieedscalatie 05/29/2018 at 06:450 Comments

The waiting is over, the second batch has arrived and it looks good. This time I actually added the planes and if all is well, within a few days the first LED should be blinking. If all is well ofcourse...... Still I have high hopes that at least the programmer and the burning of the bootloader will be a lot easier then a year ago when if had to rewire every mistake i made by hand. Because this is actually the 3rd batch of PCB's some issues have already been resolved. For the people who wonder why there is a hole in the PCB, this hole should contain the "Piezo tap sensor" in the finished product. Because these sensors are fairly thick, it was sunk into the board to to reduce the overall thickness of the board plus components.

I'm sorry for the image quality. These pictures were taken in the middle of the night without proper light.