Nice Hardware , Let's interface

A project log for OM127-reboot

repair currupt firmware system in OM127 OBD2 scanner from AUTOPHIX

darkspr1tedarkspr1te 05/24/2018 at 10:550 Comments

So Lets talk about the hardware more a little, 

The Board has the following Main IC's on one side,

U1: STM32F103RC8

U2: Winbond w25q64f

U6: NXP/Phillips TJA1050

U7: LM393 comparator

LCD: -

Chip Type: ST7565 

Model Type: ERC12864 

Pixels:128 x 64

u8g2 header:- U8G2_ST7565_ERC12864_1_4W_SW_SPI

Well that's the gold doubloon's, now for some pieces of eight, well that comes as assorted 1AM NPN and 2A PNP transistors that provide the K-L Line and J1850 Bus ,

The K-Kline is made up of 3 pins, TX, RX and Inverted Bus Pin, This uses the SWDCLK pin and hardware UART.

The J1850 Bus is a Differential bus and uses software uart of the STM32, 

full reversing of this is yet to be done, 

Well, more logs to come but it's time to run.