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- Promoting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals -

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A dynamic interactivity project about "Promoting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals / Creating With Digital Fabrication and Physical Computing".

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  • Week 4 : Enhance and refine

    Nikk Chew06/14/2018 at 07:23 0 comments

    11/6 Monday

    • Present 2 ideas to client and have client to choose on idea 1 and 2.

    14/6 Thursday

    • Having a voice call to enhance on the chosen idea, Sexist Arm Wrestling.

    16/6 Saturday

    • Research on mood board and references on design looks and feels.
    • Discuss and refine mood board and  design looks.

  • Week 3 : Idea Refine & Pitching

    Nikk Chew06/09/2018 at 10:55 0 comments

    8/6 Friday

    • Having a meeting to choose two idea and refine ideas for client pitching on Monday.

    9/6 Saturday

    • Having a voice call to beautify the presentation slide and discuss about ideas.
    • Discuss on unconfirmed idea and giving suggestions and comments on ideas.

    10/6 Sunday

    • Having a voice call to discuss more on chosen idea 1 and 2.

    11/6 Monday

    • Pitch ideas to client for client to choose an idea to proceed to the next step.

  • Week 2 : Refine Idea

    Ng Wen Jun06/02/2018 at 07:24 0 comments

    2/6 Saturday

    • Created new google slide to put in additional ideas
    • Having a video call to discuss additional ideas and also refine those workable ideas
    • Came out with 4 additional ideas (2 refined ideas and 2 new ideas)

    3/6 Sunday

    • Plan to have group disscussion on:
      •  Tuesday, 5th June
      • Wednesday,  6th June

    4/6 Monday

    • Lecturer selected 3 of the ideas
    • Having voice call with group members to discuss how we going to refine the 3 selected ideas
    • Created new google slide to put in selected ideas

    5/6 Tuesday

    • Having voice call with group members to continue discuss on 3 selected ideas

    6/6 Wednesday

    • 2nd meeting up with group members to final discuss on selected ideas
    • Prepare for 2nd pitching to lecturer

  • Week 1 : Research and Ideas

    Nikk Chew05/27/2018 at 14:16 0 comments

    26/5 Saturday

    • Did some research and compile it in google slide for discussion.

    27/5 Sunday

    • Sketching out idea and compile it into google slide.
    • Having each member to go through every idea that has been compiled in the slide. 

    28/5 Monday

    • Having a voice call for every member to pitch their idea to the other members.

    29/5 Tuesday

    • Having a voice call to confirm on 5 workable idea and discuss on the chosen ideas among members.

    30/5 Wednesday

    • First meeting up session for all members to rehearse on idea pitching to the lecturers on Thursday.

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