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- Promoting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals -

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A dynamic interactivity project about "Promoting United Nations Sustainable Development Goals / Creating With Digital Fabrication and Physical Computing".

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  • Compilation

    Ng Wen Jun09/03/2018 at 03:46 0 comments
  • Video Journal

    Ng Wen Jun09/03/2018 at 03:24 0 comments

  • Week 13 : Final week

    Nikk Chew08/28/2018 at 06:04 0 comments

    21/8 Tuesday

    • Check on robot printed parts and continue to color on robot using acrylic paint and check on the color after it dries.
    • Count and test out LED strips in the ring and outside the ring.
    • Combine and polish structure in workshop and drill holes for the buttons.

    22/8 Wednesday

    • Lazer cut perspex for the title S.A.W.
    • Do soldering on the LEDs and buttons.
    • Continue to paint the robot joint and adding design to the robot body.

    23/8 Thursday

    • Finnish painting for the robot parts and glue everything together to test out the robot structure placement on the ring.
    • Client review on the overall looks and design in the evening.
    • Combining the title perspex and re-adjust the position of the robot in the ring based on the size.

    24/8 Friday

    • Moving all structures and robots to the workshop and wait for mall to close.
    • Assemble all structure and robots in the mall.
    • Test out coding on LEDs and servo.

    25/8 Saturday

    • Cleaning up the space and checking the position overall placement of the structure.
    • Debugging and showcase to public to interact with the gameplay.

    26/8 Sunday

    • Having the public to interact and experience the gameplay.
    • Debugging and replacing servo.
    • Disassemble the whole structure and clean up the event place.

  • Week 12 : Debugging

    Nikk Chew08/28/2018 at 05:44 0 comments

    14/8 Thursday

    • Editing and 3D printing second robot structure.

    15/8 Wednesday

    • Lazer cut both robots body and assemble together.
    • Spray paint on the body and start to color 3D printed body parts.
    • Continue to 3D print and re-print some parts of the robots.

    16/8 Thursday

    • Testing codes on new servo.
    • Assemble parts and joints of both robot arm to check on proportion.
    • Go to workshop to cut the perspex that will be place in the middle of the ring.
    • Recut the right size of the base and spray paint the structure and the base.

  • Week 11

    Ng Wen Jun08/21/2018 at 04:00 0 comments

    2/8 Thursday

    • Feedback from client / user

    6/8 Monday

    • Workshop cut acrylic and wood
    • Test out LED

    7/8 Tuesday

    • 3D Modeling robot (new design)
    • Soldering wire

    8/8 Wednesday

    • Continue work on robot

    9/8 Thursday

    • Print out robot parts in Fablab
    • Test out coding for LEDs on buttons and overall
    • spray paint the structure at workshop

  • Week 10 : User Test

    Nikk Chew08/02/2018 at 01:58 0 comments

    26/7 Thursday

    • Continue the building of the structure for the platform in the workshop and correct the error measurement.

    30/7 Monday

    • 3D print out joint model to be put together on the robot and testing out the mechanism on the robot.
    • Input coding using arduino board to check the coding.
    • Complete the bigger parts of the structure in the workshop, including controller and board for the robot.

    1/8 Wednesday

    • Connecting the robot's arm with ready 3D printed joints and input coding to run test again.
    • Assemble the structure's board with the robot and adjusting the placement of the robots.
    • Figuring the placement to hide the wires and board.
    • Testing the placement of the LEDs on the structure.

    2/8 Thursday

    • Debugging codes on the robots.
    • Run user test at 3pm to get feedback on the core experience.

  • Week 9 : Building and Design

    Ng Wen Jun07/26/2018 at 02:13 0 comments

    19/7 Thursday

    • Complete the building of the bone structure for the platform in the workshop.

    20/7 Friday

    • Look for arcylic for the design at KL.

  • Week 8 : Building Structure

    Ng Wen Jun07/16/2018 at 06:17 0 comments

    13/7 Friday

    • Meeting client to check on the materials and time to go to work shop to build the structure.

    16/7 Monday

    • Go to sunway workshop and start to build structure from the base.

  • Week 7 : Mechanism

    Nikk Chew07/12/2018 at 02:19 0 comments

    9/7 Monday

    • Meeting up to discuss on the actual size of the whole structure and confirming the material use for the structure.

    12/7 Thursday

    • Starts to build out the structure and testing out the mechanism of the robots and responding LED lights.

  • Week 6: Prototyping

    Ng Wen Jun07/02/2018 at 07:04 0 comments

    28/6 Thursday

    • Pitching idea to cilent's design team to get feedback and guide on material use and overall structure size.

    29/6 Friday

    • Draft out measurement of robot and structure to build a prototype.
    • Plan to have discussion and building prototype on Monday.

    2/7 Monday

    • Meeting up to build prototype to check on the size of the structure and robot on the comfirmed design.

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