A project log for 3 Blink Modification for SAAB 9-5

Activates the blinkers 3 times from just a touch on the indicator stalk for 1999 SAAB 9-5

saabmanSaabman 05/29/2018 at 12:250 Comments

When I was writing that I was thinking about that very possibility of others wanting to duplicate it - so I will do the Arduino version.

An arduino version would connect to exactly the same points in the DICE, the coating scrapes off pretty easy with a knife or even a screwdriver. and you could solder onto the 1k resistor terminals pretty easy, just need to find a suitable point to pick up power.

the 1K resistors are the big fat ones near the top of the image Im on the road for work this week and dont have all my notes with me but ill post exactly where to connect when I get back home.