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A project log for Folds and Hinges Technology to Make Mechanisms

Engraving by CNC a special composite, the Hylite, to create folds and hinges. Zatsit, so made, is on Kickstarter until oct 5, 2018. Hurry!

marc-peltierMarc Peltier 06/01/2018 at 13:530 Comments

Many objects can be made by engraved Hylite technology. I made some of them, apart from the Zatsit robot and its accessories.

iStand, a folding stand for smartphones

I realized this as an exercise of style and design: From a format equivalent to that of the smartphone itself, how to make a photo stand for this smartphone?

On this occasion, I enriched this technology with a trick: the integration of round magnets in the Hylite, to make fastenings, active in two different configurations.

Here is the object, folded :

Then, unfolded

And finally, upright as a photo stand. Tilting is adjustable!