Zatsit, Zat's FAST!

A project log for Folds and Hinges Technology to Make Mechanisms

Engraving by CNC a special composite, the Hylite, to create folds and hinges. Zatsit, so made, is on Kickstarter until oct 5, 2018. Hurry!

marc-peltierMarc Peltier 09/05/2018 at 15:030 Comments


In this log, Zatsit shows its ability to run quite fast.

The purpose of this test is to highlight the quality/speed ratio.

There are many printers that can print a satisfying object by going very slowly, and many can also go very fast by doing just about anything. 

What characterizes a quality printer is to go fast without losing quality.

This test is made possible by a remarkable filament, PLA+ uDiamond from Carbodeon, which is loaded with nanoparticles, in order to change the thermal properties. Print speeds can be tripled with the same hot-end.

Even with this filament, we have to stop at 560 mm/s, whereas the mechanics could go up to 1m/s!