Quantity   Component name
3 × Makerslide profile 600 mm long
2 × CNC engraved HPL plate with built-in necessary threads
1 × Hylite generic holder to be customized for any hacking
1 × Gimballed support for a Titan flystruder 2 hylite plates and an elastic string
1 × Water cooling system for the hot-end Tank jar, pump, silicone tube, electronic step down PSU
3 × GT2 belt system GT2 belt, 20T GT2 pulley, Kevlar string, connector, V-groove ball bearing & carriage for them
2 × Hot-end adaptor for water cooling Special SS tube with M6 end
1 × Bag of screws and small accessories screws, magnets, jig, punch, sliding components...
3 × Hylite plate, for the arms and carriages CNC engraved, with stiffening folds, and accurate hinges
2 × CNC engraved Hylite plates, to allow mechanism integration and also forming an effector holder
3 × Hylite plates, to form boxes holding the stepper motors
3 × Hall effect sensor module to be integrated in motor boxes
1 × Hylite water-cooled Hot-End holder