Miniaturizing electronics and more ideas

A project log for Kodak Slide Projector Scanner

Use a Kodak projector and DSLR camera to automate digitizing slide photography

Bryan HowardBryan Howard 05/31/2018 at 04:330 Comments

Today I have miniaturized the electronics originally running on an Arduino mega onto an Arduino pro micro. I would like to use something small like the pro micro or mini in the final build instead of full size arduinos and shields. Looking at the necessary number of input and outputs the scanner needs, the pro micro should do the job fine.

I’m also looking into the idea of using interrupts to delay triggering the shooting of the photo.

The idea would be that once the slide is loaded, there will be a short delay to settle any mechanical vibrations before taking the photo. This should work out much better than waiting for a period of time and making the assumption that the projector is ready for a photo to be taken.

Another added benefit of this will be that I’ll know if a slide is loaded or not. The system could go into standby mode as it waits for more slides to be loaded only taking a photo when an actual slide is in position.

Other than that, I am mostly waiting for various hardware to arrive for this project so in the meantime, I’ve been writing arduino code and prototyping the electronics.

If you’ve got any ideas that this project might benefit from, please post your ideas!