Sacrificial Projector and air compressor thoughts

A project log for Kodak Slide Projector Scanner

Use a Kodak projector and DSLR camera to automate digitizing slide photography

Bryan HowardBryan Howard 06/01/2018 at 18:290 Comments

The projector that I will be sacrificing has arrived and It is the Kodak Ektagraphic III AM projector. This one in particular has a bad focusing motor (won’t matter) and mechanically loads slides flawlessly. The slide collection is contained in both Kodak carousels and metal slide file boxes so I will use both carousels and stack loaders to churn through them.

An idea I might look into implementing is an electronically controlled air compression system to blow off dust for the currently loaded slide. This would involve a small air tank compression system and an electronically actuated compressor head driven by the microcontroller. With this setup loaded slides get cleaned with compressed air just before the photo gets taken.

I will get the rest of the system working and leave this as a possible addition after.