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A project log for Dexter

An open-source, 3D printed, high precision robotic arm with trainability

Haddington DynamicsHaddington Dynamics 06/01/2018 at 21:140 Comments

On February 14 we open sourced everything (CAD, Code, boards) on Github using the GPL3 license.  The next day we launched our Kickstarter campaign.

We set it at $100k and hit that goal with 112 backers.

In the campaign we offered a "Makecation".  Come to Las Vegas and build your robot with us.  This allowed us to get to know our backers and these Makecations have led to great business opportunities.

By open sourcing we reduced the friction to work with universities and New York Institute of Technology (which we met Matt Cornelius back in 2015 at the New York Maker Faire) was keen to work with us with the leadership of Christian Pongratz.

They are now building Dexters on campus and our technology will be part of the curriculum this coming fall semester.  NYIT is focusing on Makerism and see Dexter as a tool to work across disciplines.

2017 Bay Area Maker Faire allowed us to meet NASA.  The project manager came to do a Makecation that fall and purchased 5 Dexters to prototype a Drone inspection cell in a project called Fit2Fly.

We also formed a JV with Axiom Electronics called e1ectr0n to build robots for the EMS industry,