Control of Many Servos

A project log for Dexter

An open-source, 3D printed, high precision robotic arm with trainability

Haddington DynamicsHaddington Dynamics 10/18/2018 at 21:290 Comments

While we were implementing the 6th and 7th axis onto Dexter, we realized that our FPGA servo control system is so fast, it should be able to operate over 200 servo motors at reasonable update speeds. We're not sure there is any application that could use that many, but we do know that it gives us a great amount of potential in regard to Dexter's end effectors. The Dynamixel servos can be daisy chained together using the included cable. We had already been using this method to connect the 6th and 7th axis, but if your end effector application needs an 8th, 9th, or couple hundred more, that can be done.