In-Control: Wearable touchpad recognizing characters, braille & 3D gestures. Also to use as a universal remote.

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I plan to make 2 versions; 1 with LCD to use as a wristwatch, 1 without to make it cheaper for the visually impaired people.
A very, very straightforward system to write characters with max. 3 small movements of max 3 fingers. Anybody can learn the simple logic in less than a minute and you'll wonder why nobody came sooner on this idea, I'll explain in a video later. The system works also with different profiles that can be adapted and personalized. For example: with 1 button you give the command to change profile, you enter the shortcut to the new profile. For example, 'PC' and the result is that the connection is changed and the mode is changed to keyboard, character, braille or mouse modus. Even an IR-remote controlled device like TV, aircon etc... As an extra addition to the visually impaired, I've put the brand-new VL53LX01 chip to measure distance and use as a blind stick with haptic feedback when walking or very handy if you aim at a glass on the table.

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