A delta printer prototype, designed for high speed/precision printing

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This printer isn't anything approaching a revelatory design. I've made granular improvements on the "standards" for homebrew printers, and taken many leaps of faith on custom designs and armchair engineering. The final objective is parts printed at 80mm/s+ which need only a coat or two of primer before they are ready for paint/casting.

The basic elements that set mxD apart from a garden variety kossel are as follows:

> 9mm belts for increased rigidity

> MGN12 Linear rail, because I hate money

> 18ga steel corner braces

> Custom designed printed corners

> hot-swappable effectors (with rgb!)

> Provisions for a chamber heater

> A semi-custom frankenstein aliexpress hotend

> Primary effector weighing < 100 grams


Not tested, Printed in ABS at .37 layers, .5 nozzle, 3 perimeters, 30% hex infill.

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 135.04 kB - 06/02/2018 at 16:36



Printed at .25 layer height, .5 nozzle, 2 perimeters, 27% infill, ABS

Standard Tesselated Geometry - 159.75 kB - 06/02/2018 at 16:35


  • 1 × Duet 2 Wifi best printer motherboard, hands down
  • 1 × Ceramic Tube heater block TriangleLabs clone of the deltaprintr heatblock, e3d compatible
  • 3 × 20t GT2 pulley 5mm bore
  • 3 × 20t GT2 idler
  • 1 × "MK10" Heatsink the standard heatsink for chinese printers these days. Super lightweight.

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  • wow, years

    Andy09/26/2020 at 02:39 0 comments

    Just cleaning house. I did end up "finishing" this printer, but in my haste I built a beautifully useless machine. It's all looks and no function. Nothing's square, nothings straight, it can't print worth a damn.

    However, I don't want this to sound depressing. I learned things on this project that helped me in infinite ways on future projects, and even at jobs, to a degree. All projects are successes if you learn something, even if they can't print anything.

    Goodnight, my sweet delta. May your soul be at rest.

  • Damn crimp pins

    Andy06/02/2018 at 16:24 0 comments

    I am about a week away from printing. I know, I started this log awfully late. Sorry, in between crimping every cable by hand and fussing over poorly designed motor mounts, I kinda forgot to take any photos. However, the actual assembly of a delta printer is relatively straightforward. I plan to do a sort of "prototype" log where I go through everything that sucks about the design and how I'm improving it going forward. In fact, lets start now!

    I decided early on I wanted a single connector going from the effector to the motherboard (Duet 2 Wifi). Not knowing much about these things, I went with the first thing I found that I recognized, Molex Micro-fit 3.0.

    Now, I went for this because I'm paranoid about electrical fires, and so I tend to go a little overboard on current capacity whenever possible. Even though only two of these pins are even carrying significant currents (about 2 amps...) I decided more was better than less, especially without the proper crimping tool.

    Speaking of which...

    I crimped every pin incorrectly. I smashed the part that was supposed to interlock with the housing. After wondering for an hour why none of them would stay in the housing, I realized my mistake. Molex is really not very forthcoming about the proper crimping of their pins.

    Anyway, I guess there's a lesson to be learned there. Somewhere. I'm waiting on new connectors to complete the electrical side of things, then I'm on to calibration! I promise I'll take pictures from now on.

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Richard Hogben wrote 06/04/2018 at 19:43 point

Ooh nice looking render.

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