Build your first robot with m-BITBEAM

A project log for m-BITBEAM construction set

m-BITBEAM is a 3D printed construction set based on the Bitbeam concept including some additional parts like wheels, holders, boxes, etc.

Matous PokornyMatous Pokorny 06/04/2018 at 11:200 Comments

You completed your own m-BITEBEAM set. Now you can build your first robot. We called it Ferda, and it is the very simple robot. It can just ride around. But it is also very versatile. You can add reflectance sensor, and Ferda will follow the line. With the ultrasonic range finder, Ferda can discover the room or escape the maze. It is up to your imagination and creativity.

Back to the ground and start with the build instructions l07-ferda-v01r01-web-en.pdf. They guide you step by step throw the building. There are also the programs to set zero speed point and test the driving ability. Both of them are prepared in Ardublock and Arduino IDE.