Robotic arm with magnetic effector

A project log for m-BITBEAM construction set

m-BITBEAM is a 3D printed construction set based on the Bitbeam concept including some additional parts like wheels, holders, boxes, etc.

Matous PokornyMatous Pokorny 06/04/2018 at 12:040 Comments

If you are interested in manipulators, robot Ramenak is a great choice for you. Ramenak is robotic arm with the magnetic effector. You can control it using joystick and potentiometer and check your motor skills. It also possible to add the bluetooth module and control Ramenak using smartphone or tablet.

Ramenak's build instructions are in document l03-ramenak-v01r01-web.pdf (in Czech). Playground and rules of the easy game with Ramenak is in l03-ramenak-game.pdf (in Czech).