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ricky-zhangRicky Zhang 06/04/2018 at 01:340 Comments


I have zero experiences in stepper motor before. So I need to figure out how stepper motor works.  The following is a log on my learning process of stepper motor.

Learning Process:

There are 3 types of stepper: unipolar, bipolar and hybrid stepper motor. We need to figure out what type of stepper motor and also its wiring.

I got an unknown source of stepper motor with model TEC CLA45-14601 on the label. There are six wires on it. Based on the number of wires and according to the Internet, this can be a unipolar or a hybrid.

Because I can't google its data sheet. I have to use digital meter to check the resistance of each pin combination. This youtube video is very helpful to grasp the idea how to identify coil and tap.

RedRed-Yellow: not connected
Red-Brown: 20 Ohm
Red-Blue: not connected
Red-White: 11 Ohm
Red-Black: not connected
RED, Brown, White is in the same coil
Yellow, Blue, Black is in the same coil
YellowYellow-Brown: not connected
Yellow-Blue: 20 Ohm
Yellow-White: not connected
Yellow-Black: 11 Ohm
Black is tap
BrownBrown-Blue: not connected
Brown-White: 11 ohm
Brown-Black: not connected
White is tap
BlueBlue-White: not connected
Blue-Black: 11 ohm
WhiteWhite-Black: not connected

Rule of thumb

Based on such rule we can deduce which two are tap and which are belong to the same winding. See the notes above.

To be continue...