Glide: Low-Cost, Open-Source Precision Mobility

Developing an easy-to-mount precision omnidirectional wheel module that will allow users to bring their projects to life

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Roboticists, creators, and engineers everywhere are creating ingenious solutions to difficult problems. But what do many of these solutions share? They all need a quick, simple way to move around and perform tests. Be it a new kind of LIDAR or a robotic arm, there is a constant need for a precise, easy-to-attach mobility system to get projects in motion.

The aim of the Glide project is to create a robust, low-cost module that will allow its users to mobilize their projects in a matter of hours, as well as to create an open source project that students like me can contribute to and learn things from.

Project files can be found at:

To view them, simply click the link and enter the "3D Viewer" tool. To download them, create an account (it's free on the site) and click on "Download Files."

Build log excerpts can be found at:

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