Motor boards manufacturing

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Salah MissriSalah Missri 06/04/2018 at 10:570 Comments

April 2015.

The firmware is all done, or at least good enough for now.
Four of our members spent 20 hours over a weekend to assemble the remaining 55 boards.

We split tasks with one person testing boards, and the three others applying the solder paste on the boards using a stencil and placing the components on the board.
We turned this space into a Shenzhen factory.

We made a board holder out of plaster so we could easily solder boards in batches of five in our toaster oven.

And here they are, fresh out of the oven, 55 motor boards soldered and tested.

Don't stare too much or you might get hypnotized!

All 60 boards are done. Time to build robots!