Starting to bring it together - part 1

A project log for Cherishables

Digital collectables made tangible. Bringing life to blockchain based creatures.

jednberkjednberk 08/18/2018 at 16:430 Comments

We have split the last week or so into a few tracks.

Track 1: Building out more Interaction and behavior assets.

We are refining the vibration based behaviors with the motor rig tool, continuing to refine the gestures based algorithms, and collecting some sounds bites for reinforcing the over all mood or cattitude ; think hissing vs. happy meow sounds.

Motor rig tool with 7 motors.

Track 2 : We have been working on a field guild document for the play experience and acting out a few scenarios to understand the logic paths. At its core we are simplifying an intro experience to something like how if feels to pick up a Cherishable for the first time.

Track 3 :

We are giving the form another round of design to hold the hardware and refine the aesthetic.