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A project log for High Efficiency MPPT Solar Charger

A 75 watt MPPT Solar Charger with tons of features. Efficiency > 97%, USB interface, data logging, 2 USB charging ports and much more...

Lukas FässlerLukas Fässler 10/13/2018 at 22:110 Comments

A bit more than a week ago I talked about separating the API functionality from the USB code as well as integrating the new FAT16 implementation into the SolarCharger firmware. That is done and committed to github. 

But there is more: I finally cut several hours of video that I took months ago. The result is two new videos showing how I'm building a SolarCharger and a user interface, respectively. They are relatively short, just a few minutes each, with lots of time lapse condensing hours of hard labour into hopefully joyful minutes on youtube.

Here's the first of the two. Watch a SolarCharger being built. No talk, just some comments in the subtitles. 

The second one is somewhat more educational. I walk and talk you through the entire build of a user interface from applying the solder paste over placing the SMD components and reflow soldering to adding the through-hole components.